1. It is a workout using dance steps that are easy to follow in a truly fun and party-like atmosphere. It can leave a person with a "feel good" sensation. (Zumba is GROUP FITNESS.)

2. It is a fantastic core workout. Zumba uses moves during the workout that target the abs and back to increase agility and strength as well as to tone & sculpt the torso.

3. Zumba also has the potential to reshape all parts of the body, including the arms, hips, heart, and mind.

4. Zumba is a great fat burning workout. Calories burned will differ from person to person depending on their fitness level and the intensity put forth. Calories burned during one hour of Zumba have been estimated to be anywhere from 500 to 850.

5. This workout provides for a great sweat without even realizing you are exercising.

6. People have reported losing weight doing Zumba, combined with a sensible and well-balanced nutrition plan; this combination can have astonishing results.

7. Zumba also provides for great interval training.

Source: zumba.com